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Travel Feedback, p.3


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Dear Alexandra,
Thank you for the big part you played in making our tour a success. Allan and I deeply appreciate the 'extras' you arranged for us.

It is a pleasure to have made your acquaintance. We will always remember with fondness. We feel as though you are a friend.
Thank you and God bless,
Clarene & Allan Shantz

Tourist group from CANADA

Dear Alexandra,
Thanks again for a great time in Bulgaria and Romania.
A Tour, we will cherish the rest of our lives.
The extras that your company provided are most appreciated.

Tourist group from CANADA

You went out of your way to reach the heart and soul of our group and you get a 5 for that! Thanks again for your care and support all along the way.
Both countries and people are beautiful beyond description.
Rich in culture, traditions and a vigorous, vital people, these countries are about to come to full bloom.

Never realized how ancient, the histories of this part of the world.

Again, Alexandra, thanks for all the time and study you are putting into this. I know it will pay off in the years ahead with enhanced tourism to a beautiful country and people.
Let's keep on touch, appreciate all, all of you, did for our tour,

Allan and Clarene Shantz, tour leaders,
Ontario, CANADA

Tourist group from CANADA

Alexandra, thanks so much for the message and the photo! I'll make sure I send this around to the group.
The consensus definitely was that the tour was fabulous!
I have been telling everyone I speak to

Tourist group from CANADA

that Bulgaria is a fascinating country and a "must see" travel destination. I have so many special memories - the rose fields, the historic sites, the Cosmic Voices.
You, Violetta and Slavi (did I spell that right?) were all so good to us, and I thank you for your care and friendship.
I will keep in touch with you about my return trip .... it may take me a couple of years, but I will definitely be back to spend more time at my favourite sites some time in the future. The possibility of a more flexible and individualized tour is very interesting to me.
Take care of yourself, please say "hello" to your colleagues ... God Bless!

Andrea Whitehead
AVP, Trust & Custody Services
HSBC Trust Company, Toronto, Canada

Altours provided a sound historical tour of places I wished to see in record time and comfort.

Dear Alexandra and George,
How are you? I hope you and your children are well and enjoying the summer weather.
My daughter came up from Melbourne for a week and I was able to tell her how beautiful Bulgaria is and how pleasant all the people we met were to us. Next week I shall be telling my friends at the University about you and what we saw in the week in Bulgaria.
I feel we were very fortunate to have you to organize our tour in such a short time. We saw so much of the important historical resources and yet we were so comfortable in the hotels and transport and had such enjoyable social encounters that I can hardly believe that we fitted it all in such a short time. If my health and traveling conditions permit, I would like to see more of your country and I will certainly tell all I can how much we enjoyed being with you. We must keep in touch.
All good wishes to you and your family.

Prof. Harry D. Nicolson
40 years teaching Ancient History

I was completely satisfied. I thought the Bulgarian people wonderful. I felt I was dealing with honest and graceous folk.
I had an excellent tour of the Thracian Tombs.

Tourist group from AUSTRALIA

This tour greatly improved my knowledge of Bulgaria from Paleolythic gateway to Europe to the cultural give and take between Macedon Hellenism and the Thracian kingdoms.

Harry Georgeson
Anthony Lees
Tourist group from AUSTRALIA

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