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Bulgarian Nature


Bulgaria is a country with fascinating beauty. This piece of heaven impresses with the beauty of azure, warm sea and the magnificent snowy mountains.

Although Bulgaria occupies only 1,06% of the territory of Europe, it is generously gifted with natural landmarks and diversity of landscape, mild moderate climate, rich variety of flora and fauna, and abundance of curative mineral springs.

Generous and varied, the Bulgarian nature has gathered an abundance of beauty in a handful of land:

1,200 km long Black Sea coast with 380 km sunny beaches with absolutely fine sand, cool forests and warm mineral springs;

Bulgarian Nature: Golden Sands resort

Over 600 mineral springs of different composition and curative properties, with temperatures ranging from 10oC to 104oC - the hottest in Europe (Sapareva Banya), ranking Bulgaria among the 6 European countries abounding in mineral water.

16 mountains with their own characteristic features, history and folklore, rich flora and fauna, medicinal herbs, forest fruits and variety of game;

Bulgarian Nature, Pirin mountain

Over 2,000 caves with fantastic shapes and colours, many stunning natural phenomena, sculpted by wind and water. The POBITI KAMANI locality (The Rammed Stones) is without parallel in the world. The phenomenal stones are so huge that the fossil forests in Argentina and India pale in comparison;

Numerous fertile plains and fragrant valleys carpeted with roses and dotted with orchards and vineyards - a blessed land with an abundance of natural, vitamin-rich food, fruit and vegatables, honey and wine;

The world's only VALLEY OF ROSES is situated between Balkans mountain range and Sradna Gora mountains. This unique place is full of blossom roses from the end of May to the beginning of June.

Bulgarian Nature: Rose-picking in the Valley of Roses

And the air is heavy with fascinating fragrance. The rose-pickers set out at dawn with huge baskets in which the petals are gathered. The blossoms must be picked at a certain hour, otherwise the fragrance is lost and the oleaginous rose turns into an ordinary flower.

At the same time the annual Rose Festival is held along the aroma rose fields and the streets of the pretty towns of Kazanluk and Karlovo.

When the Creator decided who will live where, he forgot about the Bulgarians. And he gave them that piece of heaven which he had reserved for himself. That is the legend. What is the reality? See yourself. You're welcome.

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