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10 ways to avoid disappointment

10 Ways to Avoid
Travel Disappointment


Making your travel arrangements, booking a tour to Eastern Europe online, or else, take a moment and read what we offer you as tips for planning your trip.

Based on our experience operating guided cultural tours in the Balkans - Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Croatia, Serbia, these tips will make your travel experience more comfortable and enjoyable, no matter the tourist destination - luxury you certainly deserve.

1. Book your travel package through a touroperator. They can save you up to 40% over booking than traveling on your own.

2. Use the services of reputable, internationally recognized travel companies only. They should be specialists in the travel niche you are interested in.

3. Be assured that your tour has been planned by professionals. In the event that an unforeseen problem does arise, a tour guide or another representative of the touroperator should generally be available to assist you.

4. Seeing the offer on a website does not count as getting an offer in writing. A website can be easily changed and provides no proof of what the offer was like when you first saw it.

5. If an offer sounds too good to be true, check the details carefully. Beware of hidden costs. Knowing the exact cost in advance will help you plan the budget for your additional payments with greater certainty.

6. For guided tours, covering two or more neighboring countries, make sure you have a licensed tour operator in each country, who can provide professional guides and drivers, and modern and safe vehicles. If this is not so, the package may be cheaper but the travel services will be risky and illegal.

7. Save money asking for special discounts offered by the touroperator.

8. Ask for the terms and conditions for reservation and cancellation.

9. Book your travel package in time. Don't wait until the last minute to see if any additional travel packages may occur. This is particularly true when your tour is longer than 3 days.

10. Be realistic - you get what you pay for. Don't expect luxury accommodation and extras at bargain basement prices.

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