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Spa & Wellness


It is well known that in the UNIQUENESS, VARIETY and ABUNDANCE of hydro-thermal bio-climatic mud treatment, sea cure and other health resources, Bulgaria ranks among the first in Europe.

Spa and climatic treatment traditions in the Bulgarian lands date back a long time. Therapy with thermal waters and climatic factors has a millennial history.

In Thracian times flourishing settlements emerged around the hot mineral springs.

During Roman times spa centers were established, such as Augusta (now Hissarya), Dezudava (Sandanski), Pautalia (Kyustandil) and Serdica

Hissarya, Augusta hotel

(Sofia), where people from the Balkan Peninsula, Asia Minor, the Middle East and Egypt sought relief for their ailmants. The Roman emperors Ulpius Trajanus, Septimius Severus, Maximilianus and Justinianus are also well known to have enjoyed spa treatment in our resorts.

Bulgaria now boasts over 600 mineral water sources with a total capacity of 4,900 l/sec. The water has different chemical composition, degree of mineralization, types of dissolvable salts, medical gases, biologically active microcomponents, temperature and indisputable curative properties.

Velingrad, Kamena hotel

High-temperature mineral waters (50-100oC) with a high alkalinity and a low level of mineralization (up to 1g/l) predominate. Mineral waters of this kind are almost NONEXISTENT in Central, Northern and Northeastern Europe.

Approximately 75% of the mineral waters are warm and hot (37-100oC), the rest are hypothermal (20-37oC). Only a few single springs are cold. All mineral waters are springing from a great depth, which guarantees their purity.

Velingrad, Velina hotel

It is scientifically proved that EVERY KIND of known mineral water may be found in the country.

The big variety of herbs and plants for phytotherapy and aromatherapy, as well as the healing properties of bee products are being used successfully in Bulgaria.

The wealth of natural factors combined with the country's modern hotels and spa facilities provide excellent possibilities for the year-round effective treatment of most widespread diseases of our times and turn Bulgaria into a real COUNTRY OF HEALTH.

Short tours in Bulgaria

Some of our internationally known spa resorts we offer in our guided
SPA AND WELLNESS Holidays are:

SANDANSKI - for bronchial asthma;

VELINGRAD - for conditions of the joints and sterility;

HISSARYA - for urological and liver diseases.

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