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Sandanski Hotel
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Blessed by sacred from most ancient healers, Sandanski - the Town of Health has a 2,000-year-long history.

Sandanski coat-of-arms

Sandanski - panoramic view

Town history

The town of Sandanski (30,000 residents) is located at an altitude of 224 m at the foothills of the magnificent south-western slopes of the Pirin mountain along the valley of the Sandanska Bistritsa river.


It has been famous since ancient times for the beauty of its scenery and the wealth of resources for spa & climatic treatment.

The town was an old Thracian settlement that has sprang up near hot mineral springs.

Spartacus - the famous Roman gladiator and leader of the biggest riot (74 AD) of the Roman Empire, comes from the Thracian tribe medae which has inhabited the town's surroundings.

Spartacus Memorial

Romans and Slavs abode the region as well, so the town of Sandanski was given different names: Medius, Dezudava, Holy Healers.

The town museum treasures material evidence of more than 27 centuries. A five-hundred-years plane-tree grows at the square and next to it is an ancient marble fountain (1854).

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Sandanski is the warmest and sunniest town in Bulgaria with the least temperature variations throughout the year.

Without exaggeration the trans-Mediterranean climate in Sandanski can be described as unique. Throughout the year, the air temperatures are higher than anywhere else in the country. The average annual temperature (14.7oC) is the highest in Bulgaria. The winter is mild and short, and the autumn - long and warm. The relative air humidity is low (66%), and the annual duration of sunshine is no less than 2,436 hours. Sandanski has the lowest annual rainfall in Bulgaria (127 litres per square metre) and almost no foggy days. The air is remarkably clean and pollution-free.

Apart from its natural beauty, lush vegetation and remarkably wholesome climate, the resort also features a multitude of mineral springs. The wells and natural springs situated in two thermal zones have a total flow of 1,500 l/min. The mineral waters have a nearly uniform chemical composition but contain varying quantities of metasilicic acid and fluorine.

The waters are clear, colourless, odourless, with a pleasant taste: silicic (containing 71 to 135 mg of metasilicic acid per litre), slightly fluoric (3.2 to 6.5 mg of fluorine per litre), hyperthermal (42 to 81oC), slightly mineralized, containing sodium hydrocarbonates and sulphates, with a pH value ranging from neutral to mildly alkaline (pH 7.2 to 8). Perfect for bathing, the water is also pleasant for drinking - clear, without any smell and delicious.

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This remarkable combination of balmy, health-giving weather and curative mineral waters makes Sandanski resort the perfect place for modern science-based climatotherapy, spa treatment, rehabilitation, primary and secondary prophylactics and recreation.

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Sandanski, Sandanski hotel****

Sandanski, Sandanski hotel, balneo-therapy Sandanski, view over Sandanski hotel Sandanski, Sandanski hotel****
Ruins from the Episcopal basilica, 5th - 6th centuries Sandanski, the Central park Sandanski, Spartacus Memorial

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