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Bulgaria - known and unknown
The Bulgarian contribution to world heritage
Land of ancient treasures
Masterpieces of architecture and art
From ancient times to present days
The heart and soul of Bulgaria
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Bulgarian Traditions


History has allotted Bulgaria a difficult and dramatic fate. Time has obliterated much, but the intransigent has remained - a rich spiritual world alive with the beauty of folk art in all its genres.

Our guided cultural tours will give you the opportunity to:

Feel the unfading beauty of the Bulgarian arts and crafts!

Bulgarian traditions: Bulgarian arts and crafts - Creating art from every kind of material

See the colours and rhythms of the living Bulgarian folklore!

Bulgarian traditions: Bulgarian folklore - The mistery of Bulgaria

Experience the vivacity of the Bulgarian festivals and customs!

Bulgarian traditions: Bulgarian festivals and customs - The mistery of Bulgaria

Taste the piquant flavour of the traditional Bulgarian cuisine!

Bulgarian traditions: Bulgarian cuisine - Gourmet paradise

Try the delicate aroma of the Bulgarian wines!

Bulgarian traditions: Bulgarian wines -Temptations for the connoisseur

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